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If you have been charged with assault, you are probably very worried about the impact this will have on you and your family. You do not have to face this alone. As a client of Westcourts, we are focused on your care and that means we always treat your case with the utmost importance and provide prompt, trustworthy and honest advice.  
Our lawyers are experienced in defending assault cases in courts across Scotland. We can assist you with all forms of the offence, from minor altercations to serious aggravated assault. With an in-depth understanding of the defences available, we will build a robust strategy that protects your rights and aims for the best possible outcome. 
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  • What is the law on assault in Scotland? 

    Under criminal law in Scotland, an assault is any act intended to cause injury to another person. It is irrelevant whether or not the actions actually cause harm; it is sufficient for the alleged victim to fear they may be injured (for example because of threats of violence or violent gestures).

    However, the assault must be deliberate. The accused must intend to cause fear of bodily harm or alarm. Consent is not a defence to assault. In other words, if you are involved in a fight that the other party or parties appear to have agreed to, you can still be convicted of assault.

  • What is aggravated assault? 

    For an assault to be considered aggravated, there must be a factor involved that makes the offence more serious. As a result, penalties for aggravated assault are more significant.

    Aggravations under Scots law include sectarian or racial motivation, as well as the use of weapons or if the person is scarred or permanently injured. The offence will also be treated more seriously by the courts if the person attacked is elderly or a child.

  • What defences are available in assault cases? 

    The main defence available is self-defence or defence of another person. The standards for successfully establishing this defence is high, and meeting this standard requires the knowledge and skill of an experienced criminal defence lawyer.

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