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If you are in prison, we understand that your primary concern is when you will regain your liberty. Opportunities for parole can be scarce, so it is essential you give yourself the best chance of securing early release. Westcourts can help you. We have extensive experience advising and representing clients in parole cases. 
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  • What is parole?

    Parole allows a prisoner to be released under certain conditions. Once released, they will be under the supervision of a community-based social worker. If any terms of the licence are breached, they can be ordered to return to prison.

  • How are parole decisions made?

    The Parole Board for Scotland is responsible for deciding whether you may be released on parole. The Board’s main concern is the safety of the community. Therefore, decisions are not based on the type of offence committed; instead, the Board must be satisfied that the risk you present can be managed in the community.

    If your case is referred to the Parole Board, a parole review dossier will be created. The information in this file will include details of previous convictions and reports from the judge who sentenced you, a prison social worker, prison staff, and a community social worker. The Parole Board will take all this information into account to decide whether you are likely to be a risk to the community if released.

    The point at which the Board will consider release is determined by the original sentence imposed. Those serving lengthy sentences will wait longer before they are considered for parole.

    The parole procedure also differs depending on your sentence. For example, for those serving life sentences, a tribunal hearing will be arranged, which you and your legal representative are entitled to attend. For shorter sentences, the Board will usually consider your parole case in a private meeting; however, you can make written representations for the panel to consider.

Parole advice and representation


Our lawyers can visit you in custody to review the parole dossier and help you to draft any written submissions that you wish to make to support your case. The Board will be interested in your background, your behaviour while in custody, your history of offending and your plans for release. Where relevant, the Board will also want to know whether you have taken any steps to address addiction problems, which may have led to your offending.
If your case is reviewed at a tribunal hearing, we can provide expert, robust representation to ensure you have the best possible chance of early release. 

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