Murder and Culpable Homicide 


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If you have been charged with murder, attempted murder or culpable homicide, it is essential to instruct an experienced and strategic team of defence lawyers as soon as you are aware of the allegations. 
Murder is the most serious crime and conviction carries a mandatory life sentence. There are a number of different defences available, which may result in you being acquitted. Alternatively, the charge may be reduced from murder to culpable homicide depending on the facts and circumstances. 
It is essential to discuss your case with us as early as possible to give our lawyers the best opportunity to examine the evidence and build a carefully considered and strong defence.  
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In Scots law, murder happens when a person takes the life of another with intent or with reckless disregard for that person’s life. It may be however that you were acting in self defence. This would amount to a complete defence. Or that you had diminished responsibility for your actions which could result in the charge against you being reduced
Attempted murder is very similar to the crime of murder, the main difference being that the action did not result in another person’s death. 

Culpable homicide 

Culpable homicide is the charge given if the actions of the accused resulted in the end of someone’s life but the accused had neither the intent nor the wicked recklessness required for a charge of murder. 
A charge of murder will often be reduced to culpable homicide on examination of the facts and circumstances. There are also defences available to culpable homicide, which may mitigate your sentence or result in a not guilty verdict. 

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A conviction of murder, attempted murder or culpable homicide carries very serious and wide-reaching consequences for you and your family. It is vital to give your case the best chance of a successful outcome. Contact Westcourts today. We can advise you from an initial police interview through to representing you at trial and appeal, where necessary. We will also instruct the best and most respected Senior and Junior Counsel to help defend your case in the High Court.
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