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Offensive Weapons Defence Lawyers Greenock, Dunoon & Dumbarton, West of Scotland

If you have been charged with carrying an offensive weapon, our lawyers can help. Knife crime is still prevalent in Scotland, and as a result, Police Scotland actively seek to search and punish those carrying offensive weapons. 
There are defences available to you if you have been accused of carrying or attempting to conceal an offensive weapon. We will carefully assess the facts and evidence involved in your case and provide honest and reliable advice on how best to proceed. 
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The law on offensive weapons in Scotland

The law prohibits carrying an offensive weapon in a public place. The crime occurs if someone has on their person an offensive weapon without lawful authority or reasonable excuse. A weapon is considered offensive if it designed or adapted to cause injury or if in all the circumstances of the case it can be inferred that the item was intended for use as a weapon.

Police officers can stop and search you without a warrant if they have reasonable suspicion that you are carrying a prohibited weapon in a public place. It is also a criminal offence to attempt to obstruct their search or hide the weapon.

Offensive weapons defence

Our criminal defence lawyers will determine if any defences are available in your case, including lawful authority or reasonable excuse for having the weapon in your possession (for example, if you require the implement for your job and you are carrying it to and from your place of work). 
We will also look at the conduct of the police during their stop and search and question if they acted reasonably and within their powers. 

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If you have been charged with carrying or attempting to conceal an offensive weapon, we can help defend your position. We support both legal aid and privately funded clients. For a free initial consultation with our team, call us on 01475 601 999 or please fill in our online contact form.

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