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If you have received a bail undertaking, are required to attend a bail hearing or have been accused of breaching your bail conditions, Westcourts can help. 
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  • What is a bail undertaking? 

    A bail undertaking (or liberated undertaking) form will be given to you after you have been charged with an offence and if the police decide to release you instead of keeping you in custody. The form will include the date of your initial court appearance and often additional rules, for example to not contact witnesses or relating to where you can go and when. By completing the form, you agree to appear in court on the specified date and to follow the conditions of your bail.

  • What are bail offences?

    It is an offence to fail to obey any of the conditions in your bail undertaking or conditions imposed by the court. If you do not comply with the conditions then it is likely separate charges will be raised against you and the court could keep you in custody until your case is next due to call.

  • How can we help?

    If you have been asked to agree to a bail undertaking, we will assess the conditions and give our opinion on whether they are fair. If we believe the undertaking is unfairly restrictive, our lawyers can advise and represent you in an appeal, working hard to reduce or withdraw the conditions where possible. We can also provide a robust defence if you have been accused of any bail offences.

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